I'm In Need (VIP) - SAVOY

I’m In Need (VIP) – SAVOY

“I’m In Need,” released in 2011, was the first song to introduce me to Brooklyn-based SAVOY‘s virtually boundless creativity and talent. At the time, the American-based dubstep scene was still augmenting itself into its own original sound, and it was within this quickly moving current that SAVOY was able to demonstrate their true potential. Nearly 2 years later, with a handful of tours and countless releases under their belt, this dynamic trio has finally unveiled their VIP edit of this epic original. With the current direction of America’s dance movement in mind, they took the classic’s womp-filled dubstep vibes and molded them with an all-too-danceable laser-filled melody, making it a necessary tune for any modern bass-lover’s library. For those of you looking to catch SAVOY live, they will be kicking off their “Get Lazer’d” Tour on January 16th, so be sure to check out their tour dates and keep an eye out for them coming to a venue near you!

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