For those of you that were able to rouse yourself enough from your food coma’s on Thanksgiving to lay an ear on ESTA.‘s new release ‘Paradise’, I give you kudos. Once I dove in the day after though I soon realized this would have been the perfect soundtrack for the food induced haze that wound up being the second half of my turkey day. As always this talented Soulection member comes through with a solid thirteen track composition chock full of gems. From sliding in a few reworks, to bringing on other  talented producers for a couple tracks, to filling in the gaps with his distinct soulful vibe; ‘Paradise’ could truly leave you spinning. As we are lead through rolling heavenly beats we hear vibes of a bustling city come forth here and there as some tracks will have you up on your feet dancing in no time. ESTA. truly does an amazing job at keeping things fresh through and through this release so make sure you give ‘Paradise’ a solid listen.

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