New York is one of those cities that is constantly oozing talent. With collectives of artists springing up left and right, from hip hop cliques to DIY record labels its no wonder this city is such a melting pot for the arts. This new video we are bringing you guys today is from Brooklyn’s Eramatics. It has been a good little while since we have seen a new video from this triple emcee threat so it’s safe to say L.A.B. comes as a breath of fresh air to close out 2013.TahJmall, Ziiion, and LEXINGTON all lend a well stylized verse over this laid back 90s feeling hip hop beat while the video takes you on a little trip of the city these young artists call home. It’s nice to see so many people doing their thing out in NYC so don’t be surprised if you see some more material from these guys over here on The Dankles sooner than later! Until then enjoy this fresh edit for ‘L.A.B.’ as you get over the hump today.

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