Over the past few years I’ve watch Kyle Woods’ music evolve from persona to persona.  I first was introduced to Kyle’s music through a little Chicago party called Rehab at Debonair Social Club, and I regular saw Kyle open for other acts around the Chicago area.  At that time, his moniker took the shape of Yello Fever, a production trio.  Not long after, Kyle transitioned into his Kid Color alias.  At the point his style was influenced from genres like indie-dance to deep-house.  He continued to play shows around the Chicago area, building a sturdy following.  Now, Kyle Woods has rebranded himself with just his own birth name, and revealed his true self with his newest EP, Mornings.  Kyle looses the monikers to shed light on a down-tempo electronic EP that evokes more than just nostalgia.  The three track EP is a modest work that showcases his talent in creating mood or feeling through music.  All three tracks move fluidly, as if in a graceful slow-mo.  Using bits of piano, guitar, and intricate percussion to convey his message.  To top it all off, Kyle’s synth-work creates a unified sound that could be compared to the best.  All-in-all, Kyle Woods’ new EP Mornings is something that all down-tempo fans will find mesmerizing and moving.  Stream the EP below, and we’ll update you when the release becomes available for purchase or download.


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