The Dankles House Party Tour 2014



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Nothing in the world can recreate the vibe of an epic house party. It has a certain something that can never be duplicated by a mainstream venue or music festival. As musicians who got their start by playing house and warehouse parties, Dirt Monkey, Shank Aaron, & Anna Yvette have agreed to embark on a string of underground dates across the East Coast for the first ever, 2014 House Party Tour. This is not some fake “house party” type event, each show will actually take place in houses and underground party spots across the east coast. So if you think you have the ideal spot, fill out the application linked below and the tour could be making a stop AT YOUR HOUSE! Tentative dates will be between the 2nd and 30th of February 2014.

**Please read over the rules and regulations listed below before applying; we want each show to be as fun and safe as possible!


1) Provide a house or warehouse venue for the artists to perform. Nothing illegal, but big open houses, warehouses, art galleries, etc.

2) You are responsible for providing transportation for the artist to the show. If you are chosen we can work out a portion of the flight share for you to be part of, as well as travel expenses.

3) You must provide shelter for the artists: beds, couches, your sister’s room; point is you must host the 3 to stay for the night of the show.


For any questions/concerns about The Dankles House Party Tour 2014, please e-mail

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