Looking to get things rolling with a bang on this bright refreshing December day? Our latest exclusive we are unveiling for you guys comes from our friends over at Gravitas Recordings and the man behind the tune itself Lidsky! This budding producer just shook the shadows off not too long ago and has stepped into the limelight with a killer electro funk style that is sure to get you on your feet. Since Lidsky began sharing his tunes with the public he has been seeing a great amount of love from the music community, from online support to a handful of live gigs. Being that this talented producer has begun his musical career at the ripe young age of seventeen it’s safe to say he has a lot more up his sleeves. This new tune we have for you today entitled ‘Something Groovy’ will surely be a fitting introduction to this young gun. Spacey synths coupled with bouncing bass and soulful samples engulf us as we are emerged in the musical stylings of Lidsky! As Lidsky closes out 2013 with a bang be sure you keep your eyes peeled around the Denver area because I’m sure you will be seeing this artists name around a lot more often.

Lidsky on Facebook | SoundCloud


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