Stand Still

Wave Racer remixes Flight Facilities’ “Stand Still” featuring Micky Green into a whistling, bubbling jubilation. Derived from the same beats however these two songs are drastically different from one another. While the original is an upbeat, tropical tune, Wave Racer nixes out most of the lyrics and focuses on the backbeats. He emphasizes the ongoing whistling melody throughout the spine of Flight Facilities’ version. The whistles are the guiding light within the remix and call for an at ease, laid back, care-free time.

Wave Racer runs off the booming Future Classic label coming hot out of Australia. Other artists managed under this label are Flume, Touch Sensitive, and Panama. Once any of his songs begin, Wave Racer aka Thomas Purcell tosses in a fast-paced, energetic style that is addicting. There’s not much info on this artist via Internet but he’s steadily released tracks in the past few months. Check out our “Artist Spotlight” on him here and enjoy his latest track.


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