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If you plan on attending a show in Chicago anywhere from November to March, throw a coat on. Sure, Chicago loves to rep their broad shoulders, but this need not be a literal representation. As a slew of snow-covered shoulders, draped only in thin tank tops and strapless neon, shuffled into formation outside of Concord Music Hall last Friday, the aforementioned literal representation became apparent.

A young romance was already budding, as we took our place in line behind two hopeless romantics. “Coats are for fags,” whispered the young man directly in front of me, as he took off his own coat and wrapped it tightly around his scantily-clad female companion.  Impressed with his irreverence to freezing temperatures, the young woman looked up at her now coat-less beau with admiration as he coughed Newport smoke into her eye. A special bond was forming.

Once inside the warm confines of Concord Music Hall, judgments regarding proper Chicago winter attire melted away. Adventure Club, Mord Fustang, DVBBS, Dallas K, and Hunter Siegel had landed in Chicago for what would be their third-to-last stop on the Superheroes Anonymous Tour. Ever the energetic duo, Adventure Club had garnered a fiercely enthusiastic crowd to the newly birthed Concord Music Hall. Let’s break it down.


The Good (Adventure Club)

Remember that Prometheus trailer where piercing, ominous screams call out over flashing scenes of aliens and anarchy? That same abrasive sample, coupled with an emergency warning, echoed throughout the Concord as Adventure Club stepped onto the stage. Eerily transfixed, revelers in the audience didn’t know whether to throw their hands in the air or duck for cover. Having captured the rooms attention, Adventure Club quickly transitioned into tracks like “Youth,” RL Grime’s latest, “Because of You,” and Skrillex/Alvin Risk’s collaborative, “Try It Out,” to the frenzied delight of the crowd. Ignoring the weathered hype-man trend, Adventure Club’s epileptic stage presence had a greater impact on the crowd than any labored calls to “Get ‘em up, get ‘em up!” The Canadian duo simply know how to throw a party.


The Bad (Mord Fustang *not his fault*)

Mord Fustang seems to be cursed whenever he comes to Chicago. His co-main event set on this night was plagued with issues out of his control, once again. Those lucky enough to catch one of the Estonians (those who hail from Estonia) first US appearances, two years ago at the House of Blues, will remember the uncomfortably loud evening. This wasn’t a purposely heavy set, but rather a painful experience and the direct result of an inexperienced (rumored drunk) audio engineer behind the soundboard.

Friday the 13th, 2013 was smeared by yet another unfortunate logistical hiccup for Mord Fustang. Having only begun his eclectic set thirty minutes prior, Mord’s sound was cutoff mid-song. A collective groan rose from the crowd, the stage went dark, and Mord was forced to exit. A few understandably disappointed tweets from Mord expressed his desire to continue, but offered no real explanation as to why he was cutoff. Here’s to reversing the curse on Mord’s next stop through town.


The Ugly

No ugly. In a culture of constant pretentious pessimism, it’s easy to call-out the negative aspects of electronic music. Despite the lunacy of wearing a two-piece bathing suit to a sold out show during a snow-storm, the Chicago stop of the Superheroes Anonymous Tour was a testament to originality and fun.


Lines are never fun. Fisheye lenses are.

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