artworks-000065920322-d3drw2-t500x500Exmag oozes funk and soul on their debut album, Proportions. And just like that I have a new favorite band. Their impeccable guitar licks accompanied by funky fresh basslines, crooning vocals, and synthesizers from space will take listeners on a journey through space and time as their futuristic funk sound is unparalleled today in music. Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero aka SuperNicer, Mike Iannatto, Gramatik and ILLUMNTR are the maestros behind Exmag, and released Proportions via LowTemp, Gramatik’s label. With about half of the 18 tracks featuring vocalists, Exmag has constructed a near perfect album that will surely be on repeat for us here at The Dankles. Also, the outro track features Jesus, which is pretty neat.

“Word is born. With Planet Earth in a state of great chaos and turmoil, a force of extraordinary magnitude from across the multiverse has come to assist. As we approach the great inevitability, Exmag brings the soulful sounds of the future to aid in your journey. Peace to all worlds!”


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