The Scottish secondcoming of Dillon Francis is here, and his name is Sackville. The Glasgow-based producer has tackled Martin Garrix‘s new hit song “Wizard”, and morphed it into a wildly bouncy moombahton masterpiece. Sackville’s love of all things 110 BPM is heard in his remix, using the simplistic buildup from the original song, and letting the melody of the original track shine through until the dirty moombah drop at 0:43. A thumping beat and gunshots don’t overshadow the drop of the song, as Sackville expertly balanced his own sound with that of Martin Garrix’s, letting “Wizard”‘s distinguishing melodic features dictate the remix. This remix is a moombahton gem, and a great take on the popular house track “Wizard”. Sackville’s energetic personality and sense of humor, combined with his love of moombahton, makes him a name to pay attention to. If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, head over to Sackville’s twitter, where you can read about his love of LIZ and pizza, among other things. Just in case you weren’t already in love, Sackville is offering his “Wizard” remix for free download off of SoundCloud, so grab it while you can!

Listen / Download: Wizard (Sackville Remix) – Martin Garrix 


Sackville on Twitter | SoundCloud 

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