Throughout 2013 we have brought you interviews with artists from all across the spectrum. From producers that draw crowds of thousands to those that have yet to see a live setting we truly love to give these talented artists the spotlight. In the spirit of the holidays we have a special treat from our buddy Kommon Interests today! Seen as this budding producer is nestled right in the heart of Boulder, CO it seemed only right to chat him up as one of our last Q&A’s for the year. Today we have a brief look into the brain of Kommon Interests to see where he pulls inspiration from and what to expect from this brand new album of his. After wanting to hold off on releasing this bad boy until the New Year Kommon Interests decided to speed things up and drop the curtains a little early. You will find the album strewn throughout the following questions so take a few minutes to get to see what Kommon Interests has in store!

‘Pondering Existence with The Mystics’  will definitely give you a good feel for what Kommon Interests is bringing to the table. Laced up in this eight track release we are doused with heavy bass laden tracks that are sure to leave you clambering for the dancefloor. Kommon Interests lays out a heavy electro style that is fused with upbeat vibes and hefty basslines that are sure to leave you in great spirits. Now we know this isn’t necessarily on par with the light and airy Christmas music many of you may have streaming throughout your house but if you’re looking to turn things up a bit come this evening after a few glasses of egg nog you might want to see just what Kommon Interests has in store!

The Dankles: With 2013 soon coming to a close what are a few highlights you can look back on from throughout the year?
Kommon Interests: All of the shows I was a part of this year, to name a few –Bingo Players, Kill Paris, HeRobust, Sound Remedy, Minnesota, G-jones – all of them are producers that I admire & respect highly. Getting the chance to meet these artists and seeing how down to earth & hard working they all are has really inspired me to keep pushing myself and my music. Not to mention all those shows were super rowdy and a ton of fun! Colorado really knows how to get down.

TD: For those viewers out there that aren’t familiar with your music would you mind introducing yourself to everyone real quick?
KI: Sure, I am a 22 year-old producer originally from Nederland, now living in Boulder and I absolutely love it. I enjoy making music that makes people move, and use a wide array of sounds to get people off the wall and onto the dance floor. To me music is more than just a soundtrack to the party; it’s about creating connection between the shared enjoyment of sound pulsating through your ears.

TD: How did you first begin to produce music, have you always produced electronically?
KI: Well I first started out in middle school playing the trombone, not gonna lie I wasn’t that good. After a few years I started to improve and my knowledge of music became significantly more expansive. Eventually sports took over my life and most of my free time. When I was about 13, one of my childhood friends showed me Fruity Loops- I was instantly hooked on producing and have never been able to stray away. FL is still my DAW of choice, but everyone has the one they like.


TD: We will be seeing the curtains drop on your first free full-length album today, what kind of vibe can the listeners expect for their eardrums when that day comes?
KI: On this release I wanted to focus on bass driven melodies, but I didn’t want to stray too far from the groove. Listeners can expect big, heavy bass lines layered with catchy melodies & hard hitting beats. The overall concept of EP lends itself to a deeper level of thought & strangeness, which I think people will really enjoy. It’s something a little different than people are used to hearing.

TD: Considering this is the first full-length release you are doling out for free do you think the public will receive it differently?
KI: I feel like the debut album that I released back in September off my own label, 2Kobras Records, was a good way for me to get my feet wet in the commercial side of the recording industry. I’m not saying I regret selling that album, but I feel like it’s just more fun to download music for free. It’s easier and way less of a hassle- no credit cards, and no charts telling you what else to buy. I’m hoping that by releasing it for free people will feel more encouraged to share it with their friends if they like it.

TD: Being situated in such a great hub for music have you had the opportunity to work with any other producers recently?
KI: Got a couple things in the works with a couple really talented vocalists. Savage did a sick remix for this release so don’t be surprised if you see a remix or collab with him here down the road 😉

TD: You seem to have had some good live exposure in 2013, are you getting busy laying out the gridwork for 2014 yet or are you just letting things come as they go?
KI: Right now the focus is graduating from CU this Spring. My team and I strategically book each show as it makes sense. For us it’s about finding a balance between the right show opportunities and space between shows. 2013 was a great example of that as I played no more than 10-20 shows, but almost all of them were straight raging. I am definitely excited for 2014 and seeing what other opportunities come my way.

TD: It seems like your style can shift from bass heavy to more of a house-oriented style, what tends to shift the direction your tracks take?
KI: When I was growing up and learning how to produce, I was all about the 90’s techno and house music. I still am don’t get me wrong- I could never forget my roots, but I have grown to appreciate contemporary dance music, which usually focuses on more bass.  So what I usually try to do when I produce is find a combination between all of them- hence big bass sounds with break beats, hardstyle drops and house melodies. I think a track is more dynamic when it has the ability to shift from a gritty dubstep wub into a pounding hardstyle-inspired beat.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, any last words for those people out there?
KI:  A huge Thanks to you & the Dankles for taking the time to do this interview, and premiere this release. Massive Shout outs to anyone who has ever supported me, listened to a track, or raged a show! Go one harder, one higher and if you end up at one of my shows make your way to the front cuz that’s where the all the fun people are J

We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore.
We will be united in our Kommon Interests.

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