Christmas got a little weird on some fronts yesterday, soon after Thriftworks dropped this latest track ‘c12h17n2o4p’ featuring the smooth flowying lyricist DH the Mythicalifornian the walls began to warp and paint  the paint began to run. As always Thriftworks has conjured up a wild auditory accompaniment to aid us on our journey as ‘c12h17n2o4p’ takes hold. Otherworldy atmospheres are thick as the Mythicalifornian lays down verse after verse that only take us deeper into the abyss. Though we can’t grab a download of this freshly plucked track just yet hopefully we will see it tucked in comfortably on an upcoming release. Being that the track is promptly entitled with the chemical make up of Psilocybin we can only hope that these two have some more material up their sleeves to bend our minds with. Only 2014 will hold those answers though so for the time being hopefully this SoundCloud stream will tide you all over until that time comes!

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