While everyone is awakening from their food comas this morning after Christmas, Canada’s Ryan Hemsworth released a new pack full of unreleased remixes for you to listen to on your new headphones or speakers. Similar to his 2012 mixtape Collected, these ten songs feature Ryan Hemsworth giving his own take on a mixture of hard-hitting rap songs and popular music of 2013. He has the ability to turn a Future song into a melancholy, emotional track or to flip one of Disclosure‘s biggest tracks to a song that is somehow even more club-ready than the original, while making all of them sound like they could be the soundtrack for a SNES game.

Hemsworth already made huge progress in furthering his career with the release of his debut album Guilt Trips in October, and he is topping off an amazing year with some of the best remixes I have heard in 2013. Check out the tracklist below, and download the entire pack for free.

Download: RYANPACKv.1 – Ryan Hemsworth


Beyonce – Mine (Notwist N Shout Version)
Que – OG Bobby Johnson (Game Boy Advance Version)
Lorde – Ribs (Let’s Have A Sleepover Version)
Future – Honest (Post-Rock Tears Version)
Disclosure – F For You (Rejeeected Version)
Mr. MFN eXquire – Illest Niggaz Breathin’ (Pamyu Pamyu Version)
Hachioli-P – フカヨミ (Hatsune Heater Version)
Danny Brown – Kush Coma (Kawaii Yoshino Yoshikawa Version)
Chief Keef – Citgo (Hisaishi-fled Version)
R. Kelly – Real Talk (La Valse D’Kellz Version)


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