With New Years weekend just about upon us we are sure many of you have your plans set in stone and are just chomping at the bit for each event to get underway! The 3rd Annual Decadence boasts a massive two days line up with sets from Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Break Science, Datsik, 12th Planet, and Pretty Lights (just to name a few heavy hitters) so you can be sure things are going to get a little wild on the 30th and 31st.  For those of you making the trip out to Decadence on NYE we have a special treat to get that blood pumping nice and early so everyone is right and ready to go when they arrive on Tuesday evening. Today we are dropping the curtains on a little Q&A session we had with ODESZA, a very bright and talented production duo coming at us from Northwestern United States. These two have concocted a sickeningly addictive style of upbeat bass music that has been capturing listeners left and right since their first release ‘Summer’s Gone’ last fall. These two have seen a huge year and cannot wait to get out to Denver to show you what they have up their sleeves! ODESZA will be kicking off the party at the Illumination Arena so be sure you guys get down there early if you like what they’re working with.


TD: You guys have had a big year, between dropping your latest release ‘My Friends Never Die’ and seeing a good amount of live exposure what were a few highlights of 2013 for you?
Odesza: (H) Sasquatch Music Festival was a big moment for us, that was like our biggest hometown festival. So that was definitely a big moment for us, made us think wow we could actually be something.
(C)Yeah playing with Pretty Lights in San Francisco was pretty awesome too so those two are definitely up there.


TD: For those unfamiliar viewers out there would you two mind introducing yourselves for us?
H: Of course, I’m Harrison from ODESZA and we make a lot of different kinds of terminal electronic (that what we like to call it) music but we bounce around a lot. We’re fans of a lot of different genres so yeah, it’s kind of all over the place.
C: And yes I’m Clayton, the other half of ODESZA.

TD: So you guys both have some solo production time under your belts as well, was the music you guys created on a solo basis much different than what you put forth as ODESZA?
H: Yeah I was doing some trip hoppy mellow stuff with some piano then Clay has another project called Beaches Beaches.

TD: How did you two wind up getting together to producer in the first place?
H: We had a mutual friend actually; I’d go over something and show him a few different things I was working on. Eventually Clay was there when I was showing him some music, we talked a bit, ended up jamming one day and it went so well we just started making a project out of it. After that we just began to work more and more until we had a whole album to release together.

TD: Had you guys played off each others sound at all before going all in and making ODESZA a serious project?
H: Originally what we were gonna do is that each one of us would do remixes of one or two songs and put it out in the form of a double EP together. But as it progressed we found such a niche with our original stuff and it went so well we just thought, why not?

TD: I find it hard not to ask, what is behind your name ODESZA in the first place?
C: Originally we liked the name ODESSA, just for various reasons. Yet as we Google’d we found out there’s a hardcore UK rock band with that name already and they have a pretty decent following to start so we had to change it up. So we threw that lil’ Z in there and boom, ODESZA was born.

TD: Since the release of ‘Summer’s Gone’ last fall have you guys been taken aback at all by how well your music has been being received by the masses?
We thought maybe a blog or two would pick up on it or something. Kind of thought there would only be a small niche of people that would dig it, never did we think that we would wind up touring with Pretty Lights or anything we have been lucky enough to do so far.

TD: When it comes down to producing a track do you each tend to lend equally to the creation process or are there certain areas each of your excel in separately that helps each track take full form?
C: We try to do as much of the production together as possible. Over the past couple days we have just been hanging out in the studio with a friend, we try to get a lot of work done when we’re in the same room. It lets us bounce ideas back and forth to continue to add layers to things. Then once we have a good idea as to where the song wants to go and all the pieces are together we split up the work and people we fine tune certain aspects of before it’s all brought together in the end. 

TD: This has become a fairly standard question for us, what can you guys be found with when you sit down in the studio for a solid production session?
Basically one of us has to have a Maschine and the other has to have a midi keyboard so we can work on every aspect of the song we’d like to. Those are definitely the building blocks behind a lot, the Maschine is a must have to continually add layers to whatever we’re working on. A decent sound system is usually a plus too!

TD: We saw on your KEXP set that you guys bring in elements from live instrumentals, is this something you also do or was it just for that radio show?
H: Naw we kind of just wanted to do something special on the radio, we don’t want to always repeat ourselves. We definitely try to mix things up to keep it fresh, we have been in the midst of changing up our live set quite a bit. Adding new tracks, unreleased material, then blending them all together, we’re also trying to add a few more elements we have been working on. We’re constantly trying to up our game. We want to keep it fun for everyone, including ourselves.

TD: In just a few days you will be gracing Denver with your presence! When was the last time you guys found yourself out in Colorado?
H: We actually haven’t been out to Colorado as ODESZA. My family lives back there so I’ve visited quite a few times but yeah this will be the first. New Years is definitely going to be a party, we are pumped to be a part of it, it will definitely be a great first show in Denver.


TD: You guys are going to be closing 2013 out with a bang and from the looks of it keeping things rolling right in to 2014 with a bunch of gigs between jan-feb. Are you planning on continuing to tour on into the spring or what else can we look to see from you guys in 2014
H: Yeah I think we’re definitely going to try and book some more stuff. Pretty much just try and play as many places as we can, wherever the opportunity presents itself.
C: We have the Emancipator tour coming up right after NYE through January. Then some more spring stuff too. Doug’s a good friend so we’re excited to see what him and Illya his violinist have put together for this tour.

TD: Aside from being on the road can we expect some new material come 2014 or is that still under wraps for the time being?
H: Hm… Well we can’t really say we’re working on stuff but…go ahead Clay
C: I mean yeah, I guess he was kind of right. Definitely a lot of music is in the works, that’s definitely the mode we are in up to New Years and we’re definitely going to try and put something together.

TD: I haven’t seen you guys do much collaborative work with other producers just yet, is that something you’re looking to expand upon?
H: I think less working with other producers and more producing for other people maybe? We like so many different genres and types of music it would be really cool to work in some other worlds. So yeah, whoever approaches us and we feel like we can work with them we are definitely going to try and make it happen.

TD: When it comes to drawing influence for your production do you guys have a specific realm you draw from or does it come in from all directions?
C: All over the map man. There’s definitely some big ones you know; Bonobo and Four Tet are always solid inspiration, all that new stuff coming out of Australia is nice to hear and refreshing as well.

TD: Any last thanks and shout outs for the fans on the other side?
O: We appreciated everyone tuning in and we are super excited to play more shows!

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