Ready to catch the wave?  Not just any wave, but the synthwave that Noah Hyde and Magic Sword are continuously building in this new remix for Adventure Galley.  Noah Hyde is an Idaho producer and DJ that also produces under the name Magic Sword.  Having discovered his unique sound months ago, I’ve been constantly looking for more.  Under both names Noah creates sounds that can be universally loved.  His remixes shimmer and shine while ranging from sun-kissed melodies to eerie dark sounds, both of which return to a retro sound that had been a thing of the past.  More notably, his Magic Sword moniker released a self-titled album that is comparable to the works of Com Truise (listen to the album preview). On Noah Hyde and Magic Sword’s newest effort, we’re given the darker side of his production.  The remix starts like the building of big wave on a stormy evening ready to crash and demolish anything in its path.  The rolling waves of thick synths keep on a steady beat when the filtered vocals enter the track.  Creating an aura of impending doom, Magic Sword pushes forward towards its demise, with only a couple lulls in the track, any listener that’s a fan of dark electronic music will certainly find this track noteworthy.


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