It’s 2014 and it’s time to discover some new music.  With a little help from us, we’ll get you right where you need to go.  Today we bring you a new remix from British producer, Daktyl.  With the cold months in full effect, Daktyl’s warm-vibed effort will surely filter out the cold.  Taking Japanese Wallpaper’s original and beautifully recreating it, Daktyl brings in the new year in style.  His style is laid-back and smooth, with no rush to impress with big sounds Daktyl shows us how to produce with the small details that dot his tracks.  Daktyl lays down a lush layer of bass that sits comfortably in the background while vocal blends are a beautiful and delicate addition.  Then once we jump into the most upbeat portion, vocal pitching and solid synth swipes lines the track.  Dancing slowly in the background are the tiny licks from a guitar that create a great melody.  All around this track really hits the spot for hungover mornings and late nights.  Grab the download via Daktyl’s page and thank us later.  Be sure to check out the rest of his SoundCloud for plenty more good stuff.


Daktyl on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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