You may recall Logam’s name from the recent collaboration with Mayhem on “Orion,” but you’ll be seeing a lot more of Logam in 2014, starting with this brand new remix.  With deep bass sounds in mind, Logam recreates the hit that Major Lazer used to break into the scene years ago.  Instead of dancehall we get a healthy dose of half-time drum and bass with trap influence that sounds like a new genre entirely and works perfectly with this tune.  “Hold The Line” is a favorite of mine to this day and Logam smashed this tune to bring it back to life.  With a lot of people trying to blend genres of late, Logam takes the route less traveled and gets it right the first time.  People that try to blend dubstep and trap often find themselves favoring one or another, but Logam finds a perfect medium that compliments each genre equally.  Next time you’re looking to get the party started, toss this one on and watch the jaws drop.


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