The new year signifies new beginnings, and Submatik’s free three-song EP is the perfect soundtrack to a fresh start. The EP’s astute title, Gelassenheit, is German for the feeling of calmness and composure that is likely washing over you right now as you bask in the funky, jazz-infused opening melodies of the release’s premiere track, “Sunset”. Submatik certainly captures the essence of gelassenheit in this richly orchestral liquid drum n’ bass release. While “Sunset”, “Oxygen”, and “Hold Your Breath” each feature a distinct musical character, the tracks flow together naturally into one coherent and calming auditory sentiment. Gelassenheit is gorgeously consuming, and after emerging from these fourteen minutes of liquid bliss those lofty New Year’s resolutions will seem far less intimidating.

2014 holds high hopes for the rising drum n’ bass trio Submatik. Hailing from Belgium and Germany, Submatik made their name in 2013 with accomplishments such as a gig at the famed Liquicity Antwerp event. Submatik’s jazzy liquid style (think Netsky) is bound to captivate even those with a distate for traditional drum n’ bass. Unlike many electronic producers, the trio doesn’t discount the value of powerful lyrics – check out “Stories Can Wait” (and the song’s VIP) for a peek at more of Submatik’s thorough prowess. And download Gelassenheit free for the meditative musical experience that will inspire you to make 2014 your year as well.


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