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The Northwest of the United States is a place The Dankles haven’t roamed.  With that in mind, The Dankles takeover began in Seattle just a couple days before the New Year.  We spent most of our time exploring the hilly city making sure to enjoy seafood at every stop.

USC Events are the masterminds behind everything electronic music in the Washington area.  Known for Lucky Festival, Paradiso Festival and their two day Halloween party entitled Freak Night, we were excited to see what Resolution Festival had in store.  It seemed as if electronic music wasn’t just music here, it was a lifestyle.  “White and Gold” was the theme of this year’s event, which we did not pay much attention to until the day of.  As we walked into the WaMu Theatre, fans adorned in fuzzy boots and hats, homemade costumes and gold from head to toe made it feel as if festival season was all year long.   The first stage you approached as you walked in the venue was the Enchanted Forest stage. This venue had a convention center feel and was sectioned off into two large areas, the Time Capsule stage (main stage) and the Enchanted Forest stage(bass stage).  Each stage had it’s own bar area, but what was different about this festival is that you had to consume your drink in the dedicated bar section and could not leave unless it was finished.   This reminded me of a “Beer Garden” at a carnival or fair.  All drinks aside, the Enchanted Forest stage is where we began our Resolution journey.

ac slaterThe first artist we caught that night was AC Slater which was one of the sets we were most looking forward to having never seen him in the flesh. This once heavy bass producer has found himself right in the middle of the growing nu-disco/deep house scene in America. His setlist highlighted all of his deep and groovy hits from the past year such as “The Vapors” by Jhene Aiko (AC Slater Remix), “Creep” by Vertigo (AC Slater Remix)  and original track “Go Harder” featuring Dell Harris.  His flow and fluid transitions made for a great opening set to what was going to be a New Year’s Eve for the record books.

gladpvckOnce AC Slater closed out his set, it was time to get all the way “turnt” up with two of the best up and coming trap duos in the scene, gLAdiator and LOUDPVCK a.k.a. gLAdPVCK. After seeing both duos at their own respective shows we knew if you put them together it would easily be one of the wildest shows of the night.  Once these four animals hit the stage, we we’re right, it turned into one giant party. It was a rowdy combination of some of the best trap hits of the year like Flosstradamus‘ own “CRWD CTRL” and gLAdiator’s refurbished “Gamecube Nitendo VIP” as well as fresh tunes from LOUDPVCK with their remix of Brillz’s track “Fuzzy Peach” and “Look At Me Now” by Djemba Djemba and London Future. As the the four trap stars traded off on the decks and the mics, they knew exactly how to get Seattle to lose their minds with dirty bass anthems and booty bumping tunes for this nonstop hour long set. If you were at the Enchanted Forest Stage for their second performance ever, we’re sure you were jumping and raging like it was your first house party. If you ever get a chance to see this rare back to back set by these two duos, make sure you’re prepared to get a little sweaty.

figureNext up was the horror dubstep master, Figure. Having seen Figure plenty of times in the past, we made sure to stick around for what was about to be a lot of bass in and around all of our faces. Mr. Grimey himself came out swinging with some of his heaviest tracks right off the bat. That’s when we soon realized we were no longer at a typical Figure set because we have come to learn that Seattle loves it’s dubstep loud, heavy and just straight up filthy. The crowd went absolutely insane for all of Figure’s bass banging songs that filled the air with high energy, head banging and even mosh pits. We’ve never seen so much chaos break out during a non-headlining set. Figure blasted the crowd with some of his older classics like “Michael Myers is Dead” and “Dominate” as well as new tunes such as “All Black Everything” and his Deltron 3030 remix of “City Rising From The Ashes” which was very appropriate for the crowd that just wouldn’t quit.  As midnight quickly approached, it was time to finally take a look at the main stage, the time capsule stage, where the night was about to reach a whole new level of awesome.

resolution ball dropAs we quickly raced over, Australian trance singer Emma Hewitt,  most notable for her track “Waiting” by Dash Berlin commanded the main stage.  As we looked around, silver and gold spiky ball shaped decorations and balloons filled the Time Capsule “sky.”   With only a few minutes left, we gathered our group of friends and anxiously awaited the new year.   5…4…3…2…1…”Happy new year!” the crowd exclaimed as they kissed and hugged their loved ones. With some technical difficulties in the dropping of the balloons, Emma kept the crowd in good spirits as she welcomed in the new year.

knife partyAs her set came to a close, it was now time for arguably one of the most anticipated sets of the night, Knife Party.  Surrounded by several Knife Party “virgins,” we were excited to see what type of set they would play having seen Knife Party several times before.  Rob and Gareth entered the stage and were welcomed by a roar from the largest crowd we had seen all night.  From start to finish the duo gave us a non-stop barrage of hard hitting tracks that really make you want to “move your feet,” so they say. Large LED screens, dancers decked out in wild outfits and multicolored lights and lasers made the perfect setting for this New Year’s show.  The crowd went wild for tracks such as “EDM Death Machine,” “Last Time” by Labrinth (Knife Party VIP Remix), “LRAD” and of course the crowd pleasing anthem “Save The World” by Swedish House Mafia (Knife Party Remix).  For close to an hour and a half, Knife Party had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands as we did not see a single person that wasn’t getting down and enjoying the show. Once again, Knife Party proved why they are ranked 25 on DJ Mag’s top 100 DJs in the world.

IMG_0092Photo Credit: Derek Muller

After seeing Above & Beyond once at Electric Forest Festival, we were excited for our second dose of Group Therapy as they were scheduled to close out Resolution.  Two men jumped behind the decks and played a trance hit when we realized that wasn’t our beloved Jono, Paavo and Tony, but rather two local DJs, Darrius and Johnny Monsoon.  Knowing that A&B played Decadence Festival in Denver that same night,  we quickly jumped on twitter to find out that due to fog in Seattle, A&B would not be able to land and would not play the show.  Half the crowd did not seem to care as they continued to dance away the rest of the night.  We, on the other hand, we’re disappointed, but enjoyed the end of Resolution as these two locals did the best job they possibly could to fill these legends shoes.

rsz_a&b_tweetOverall,  USC Events did a great job booking some of the best  and upcoming artists in the industry for this New Year’s event. It made us understand why Resolution Festival came with a $100 price tag and is considered the biggest New Year’s party in the Northwest. The top notch production value and sound at each stage, the beautiful decorations and the lights and lasers that dazzled our eyes made that claim a reality.  The Dankles’ Chicago team enjoyed our Northwest adventure and we can’t wait to be back!


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  1. We are so happy you enjoyed your time here in the northwest! We are deeply saddened as well to miss Above&Beyond. If you’d like to help us, we are having a Twitter event tomorrow (Friday) from 11am-1pm asking A&B to please return to Seattle for a Group Therapy show. Please join us, more details here!

    It would make for a killer return back to the Northwest :)

    thanks for your kind words about our city, and we hope you come back soon! Paradiso Festival is one for the bucket list for sure!!

  2. I blew up all of those balloons.

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