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California DJ/production duo gLAdiator is excited about the future of trap music, and after listening to “Ain’t It” you will be, too. “Ain’t It” is brand flippin’ new in every way: this isn’t your typical bows-up trap banger, but a futuristically cacophonous symphony of bass in the vein of artists such as Mr. Carmack. If you thought the era of trap music ended with 2013, this track is bound to make you think again. “Ain’t It” is dark, its heavy, its hood, its fresh – let’s just say it’s what you’ve all been waiting for.

Bass innovators Danl and Ian of gLAdiator have been shaping the trap scene since its inception. Their uninhibited passion for creating and sharing quality music is evident in their notoriously rowdy live sets as well as their original tracks. gLAdiator is at the forefront of an evolving genre and they’re proving that no matter what the haters say, trap music isn’t static. While you’re waiting to hear what the duo comes up with next, check out gLAdiator’s mix series on SoundCloud, and download “Ain’t It” now for free!


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