ElaskiAt the young age of 19, the Finland based Elaksi is already crafting some beautiful, melodic hiphop tunes.  This time around, he takes on an older cut from Kanye’s discography, namely, “Big Brother” from the classic album Graduation. I’m not exaggerating here when I say the kid absolutely kills it.  Elaksi manages to keep the epic, soul-laden atmosphere of the original while seamlessly integrating his own unique fusion of future bass and trap music. The american trap influence is readily apparent in the drum-work, where flurries of high hat hits accompany a head bobbing 808 rhythm. The vocals of the original are pitched down in the vein of XXYYXX, while a melody line seemingly crafted out of chopped and screwed vocal samples recalls the styling of Flume, or labels such as Soulection & HW&W.  Elaksi is truly capable of evoking some powerful emotions with his music, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he starting turning more heads in the near future. Stream the tune below and catch a free download through his Facebook below.


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