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Tucked away in the succulent rainforests of Costa Rica is right where you will find Envision Festival. Rich with culture, music, visual art, workshops, yoga, healing sanctuaries and performance art this is truly an experience unlike any other. Located just a short shuttle trip from San Jose we will find ourselves occupying a brand new venue this year! Only just North of the 2012/13 site we are sure Rancho La Merced in the heart of Uvita will provide the most picturesque setting for this years festivities. The event is quickly approaching so hopefully most of you are already in gear and raring to go. For those of you that are thinking  that this sounds like a daunting experience, take a deep breath, all of those qualms will be settled once you open your ears to hear exactly what Envision has to offer.

Before delving into everything else Envision has in store for you I would like to really touch on what a special location it is that we will be inhabiting for the weekend. While we will be tucked snuggly in the jungle with plenty of shade coverage, the rolling surf of the beach is only a short walk away! Gone are the troubles of park fees and jungle treks that inhibited festival goers in previous years (though theres plenty of jungle to trek in if you’d like!). Attendees will also be able to take full advantage of car camping amenities and the fact there is yet another cascading waterfall close by that can be accessed by foot, horseback, or shuttle.

Envision 2014 Preview by Smash LeFunk from Envision Festival on Vimeo.

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With that just being the tip of the iceberg I’m sure some of you already scrambling to book flights, but for those still on the fence let us open the door to everything Envision Festival will have in store for us this year. Not only can we expect to have our minds and bodies captivated by musical and visual performance but we can also expect them to be sculpted and enhanced through the additional workshops and speakings that will also fill out this weekend. Instead of kicking things off with the eclectic grouping of musical producers that will be pleasuring our eardrums all weekend I wanted to first shine a light on the smaller things that make up Envision.


Each day of the festival you can find a great assortment of entertainment outside the reaches of the speaker systems. Yoga sessions will be held throughout the weekend with instructors that are comimg from all around the world to give each one of you the opportunity expand your mind and body, or even try something that’s entirely new to you. Outside of those classes you will also be able to take advantage of the many spoken workshops from Julia Butterfly, Brad Burge, Daniel Pinchbeck, Jamaica Stevens, Jamie Janover, Jessi Long, Ra Quong, Stephen Brooks, or any of the other intellectuals that will be sharing their thoughts. No matter what your interests may be it’s quite likely you will find a few of these workshops are right up your alley and may even make your day brighter! By integrating creative processes and the power of collective intention, we will take the festival healing experience to the next level of self care.

While you wander around the festival grounds you may also be captivated by the many forms of visual art present around you. Larger scale installation art from Carey Thompson may tower above you while Selva Bhairavi’s intricate woven patterns might steal your eyes away. Visual art will also be a plenty down at Envision thanks to the Tribe13 Gallery, Roy Huerta, PHRESHA, Pabliu Lucero, Jake Korbin, Matthew Fredricey, Hannah Natali, and Alicia Post who will all  be crafting away throughout the weekend.

1243036_210095042491050_207932449_o    Artwork by: Matthew Fredricey

In addition to all of these amazing people we already mentioned joining us next month I’m sure some of you are beginning to wonder about that stacked line up that presented itself to you right as you dove in to this preview. Envision Festival has outdone themselves this year by putting together a truly diverse lineup. Whether you’re trying to have your eardrums tickled by light world music, goopy sloshing bass, or funky electronica you can find it all packed on these stages over the weekend. Dave Tipper needs no introduction, topping this bill and boasting two sets that are sure to each be unique in their own right I know we for one cannot wait to be swept off our feet. PapadosioNahko and Medicine for the People, Rootz Underground, and Rising Appalachia are some big instrumentally infused acts that will grace the stage. Coming down the pipe on the more electronic side of things we will be pleasured by The Polish AmbassadorRandom RabPhutureprimitive, Andreilien, Kalya Scintilla, Kaminanda, Sugarpill, JPOD, The Human Experience, Mr. Rogers, Wildlight, Whitebear, Merkaba, Goosebumpz, KLL Smth, Plantrea, and much more where that came from.


With all that being said will we be seeing you on the sandy shores of Uvita next month? Lets hope so! Tickets are going fast and time is ticking so it’s time to get your trip set in stone. Envision has many accommodations in that regard considering some of you may be coming from quite the distance away. The link below will take you to the area in which you can purchase tickets and figure out what plan works best for you! Envision offers a variety of packages that can work with almost anyones budget. Even if you’re looking to make this more than a weekend getaway Envision also offers a handful pre and post events that could easily be another added adventure for you. All information regarding tickets and travel can be found through the links below. From here on out we are turning things on over to you guys. Clear the calander, get those travel plans solidified (if you haven’t already), and make sure you join us in great spirits for a weekend in paradise.

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  1. Where did you find that list of spoken workshops? It doesn’t seem to match the list provided on their website. Thanks!

  2. Where did you find that list of spoken workshops? It doesn’t seem to match the list provided on their website. Thanks!

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