Body High producer and visual artist, Jerome LOL is gearing up for his next big release, a four track EP titled Deleted/Fool.  Though it’s a few weeks away from its February 4th release, you have the chance to preview a couple of the tracks on the release now.  “Fool” is the second track Jerome LOL has leaked to his audience.  You might recall “Always”  featuring the lovely voice of Sara Z.  Jerome’s release evoke a certain set of emotions and this track is no different.  “Fool” is cold and distant yet still yearning for something unattainable.  A track filled with slow synth drones and loud banging drums finds its counter-part in the vocals and gleaming dots of xylophone production that appear throughout.  “Fool” is like a constant build but without all the crazy noise that’s usually associated with builds.  Jerome LOL captures sadness and longing emotion effortlessly with help from his collaborator Angelina Lucero.  You’ll see that Angelina and the other vocalist, Sara Z, both appear twice on the EP below, so if you enjoyed this expect more!

1. Deleted ft. Sara Z
2. Always ft. Sara Z
3. Fool ft. Angelina Lucero
4. True ft. Angelina Lucero

Pre-order Deleted/Fool now via Friends Of Friends


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