To kick things off today we have a very special release for you readers out there on the other side. Today we are dropping the curtains on a new track from Los Angeles based breakbeat producer FreQ Nasty that brings in the musical stylings of Spoonface as a ghostly addition. FreQ Nasty has teamed up with New York based imprint High Chai Recordings for ‘WHY?’, his second release with them. We are thrown for a whirl once again as this multifaceted producer lays down a wild and cinematic soundscape that has quite the message. ‘WHY?’ enables us to contemplate the mind-boggling nature of humankind and why we do what we do to one another, whilst being backed by a haunting vocal torn with longing and loss from serial collaborator Spoonface which only reiterates these thoughts.  The hard hitting artwork which accompanies this EP is another strong outlet for FreQ Nasty’s message as it takes one out of the comfort zone any billboard or magazine ad may leave you in. The sounds encapsulated on ‘WHY?’ are rich with culture as FreQ Nasty is able to weave Trap sounds with bass heavy dub vibes that truly resonante with one from head to toe.

“Why is about a person with a family and a life just like you and me – being tortured. I don’t take it lightly. As many politicians and the media purposefully deny the connection between war and our desire for money and ‘stuff’ (in all it’s forms) we have to ask questions…” FreQ Nasty

In conjunction with the hard hitting message we are also set up with a hefty arsenal of remixes from producers around the globe. Snareophobe injects a dose of jacked up interstellar funk to the proceedings, while Mr. Bill delivers a driving melodic Future Garage cut with some tasty glitch trimmings. Our west coast homies The OriGinALz experiment with muscular mid-tempo neuro-funk that works its way into a more crunked out bass vibe that is perfect for you DJ’s looking to change things up mid set.

Never be afraid to ask questions of the world around you.

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