As 2013 began to draw to a close the acid crunk maestro An-Ten-Nae announced he would be embarking on a new side project bearing the new title of Dimond Saints. To make this project possible he has teamed up with Releece for what already seems to be a very promising mission. Having let loose a few remixes here and there while continually adding to the haze of mystery surrounding this project we were finally dealt their first original yesterday. ‘We Diamonds’ came to us on the night of the very first full moon of 2014 and could not arrived with better timing. Coming all bundled up with an abstract video of undulating minerals we are sure many of you will be fully captivated by everything Dimond Saints has to offer thus far. With the release of this first single comes some even more exciting news from this newly united team! ‘We Diamonds’ is the debut single from their upcoming three piece album “Shingetsu”. The first installment, “The Rising” is due out next month so be sure to keep your ears open for more news of the Dimond Saints.

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