Simian-Mobile-Disco1Known for their impeccable taste in delicious house and rare delicatessens, Simian Mobile Disco have delivered their first release in 2014 on their new imprint, Delicacy. The British house duo are veterans to the European house and techno scene, proving that together, they are experts in the mastery of synthesizers and bass heavy progressions. Following the bizarre cuisine motive of their new label, the track is fashionably named “Snake Bile Wine”, which is a dish made with the venom and bile from a snake’s gallbladder; eating it is believed to improve male virility. The track is a synthesis of a variety of carefully crafted tricks which Simian Mobile Disco are well versed using. Clearly driven by its bassline, the fuzzy riffs and synth progressions, as well as the edition of an energizing organ-stab, make the track a perfect anthem for any well-versed dancefloor in 2014.

The full EP is set to be four tracks, “Snake Bile Wine,” as well as two remixes by the impressively versatile British artist, Trevino, and one more Simian Mobile Disco production titled “Balut”. The full EP will be released on vinyl January 20th and in digital fashion on January 27th. Until then, stream the feature track “Snake Bile Wine” on the Soundcloud link below and instantly improve your Thursday afternoon.

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