Less than a year ago, James Blake, the producer and musician behind 1-800-DINOSAUR label, released his second studio album, Overgrown.  An album that I still come back to when I need to listen to a full piece of music uninterrupted.  Overgrown displays talent that is more likely to be seen (or heard) from veteran musicians rather than the 25 year old from England.  James Blake has the skill set that so many artists lack, he digs deeper than most while still keeping his audiences’ attention at all times.

Well, it seems that the young English producer couldn’t keep quiet anymore, he decided to premier a new track titled, “40455” last night during his first two-hour BBC Radio 1 residency show (which also featured many members of the 1-800-DINOSAURS team).  If you’re familiar with James Blake, this is more of the same great songwriting that we all love.  It is slow at times, but keeps it lively with suspenseful builds.  James asks, “What do you think of that guys?” near the end of his track.  His Dinosaur label-mates jokingly complain about the tune being slow and depressing, to which James acts oblivious to his own music.  A light-hearted sound bit ends the track and we’re left wondering when the next release will come.  We’ll find out soon enough.  Listen back to the entire residency show here.


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