You might be familiar with Amon Tobin, but have you heard of his side project Two Fingers?  You haven’t?  Well, let me introduce you to the other side of Amon Tobin’s musically-inclined mind.  Two Fingers is a side project that started back in 2009 when Tobin and former collaborator, Doubleclick, released their first self-titled album.  More recently, in-between playing shows and managing a massive live setup, Amon Tobin continued the Two Fingers effort as a solo venture.  In 2012 Two Fingers released the second studio album, Stunt Rhythms.  Though I can’t seem to find a reason why Doubleclick and Tobin split for the second album, it seems as though it was a healthy break-up.  In 2013 Two Fingers remained relatively quiet, and it seems that 2014 might be the same.  This mix will make your head spin and it goes harder than Flocka on a Saturday night, so take caution.  Amon Tobin added a quick blurb to this SoundCloud upload:

“As this will be mainly a studio year for Amon we are posting one of 2013’s TF dj sets for you to download.  Fond memories, good times. Thanks to all who stepped out and got down to this.”


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