For those of you looking for a heaping pile of otherworldly bass music, you have just landed in the right place. Today we see the release of Chillage Records ‘Crunksauce Vol. 2’ and we are positive this will be the perfect remedy to get start your weekend. This collective of artists turn record label has its roots in Northern California but they are spreading every day. Working to keep us all on the front lines of experimental dance music through showcasing artists that are truly pushing the fold when it comes to the realms of glitch hop, future bass, and much other forward thinking electronic music. This is their second crack at bringing us a compilation chock full of talented producer that are looking to douse dance floors with their own unique blends  of matter warping style. Throughout this fourteen track serving of bass we are dealt everything from laid back spacey beats to goopy and undulating basslines that are sure to leave you in a delightful haze. So whether you’re blasting off through your ceiling and into the stars or sinking deep into the primordial ooze we recommend scooping this eclectic concoction of beats for your library. We are very excited to see where this talented cavalcade of artists take 2014 because they are definitely taping into a great source for the music they have put forth thus far.

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