Looking to take a trip to another dimension this evening? Whether you’re already strapped into your cruiser or about to embark on a adventure into the cosmos let this new project from the Zebbler Encanti Experience and Gravitas Recordings be your soundtrack. It has been just over a year since the audio/visual duo that is the Zebbler Encanti Experience ( Ben ‘Encanti’ Cantil and Peter ‘Zebbler’ Berdovsky) debuted their LP ‘Psychic Projections’ and now they are back with a slew of remixes that cannot go without notice. ‘Altered Projections’ couldn’t be a more fitting name for this seven track smorgasbord in which each producer chosen gives their track a new and altered version of their original forms. Shewx opens the door with a slurred and blurred rendition of the title track of the original LP ‘Physic Projections’ that is sure to send you on quite the pleasing auditory joyride. Colorado’s own Samples steps up next with a high energy spin on ‘ZEEDM’  that is sure to get the blood flowing as LOEJ takes on ‘Temple’ and turns Jason Haan‘s drumming appearance into a goopy swamp of bubbling bass vibes. Bogtrotter then takes us deeper into the muck with a richly textured take of ‘Physic Projections’ that leads seamlessly into the bubbling lullaby Denmark’s Bwoy De Bahjan gifts us with in his remix of ‘Totem’. The Digital Connection and Moduloktopus set up for the closing two remixes that bring the energy back up with two very unique tunes that simply leave us yearning for more.

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