Within the past year we have seen a huge surge in the amount of unique downtempo music that has begun to seep forth from the woodwork. One of the most prominent producers in that realm in my opinion is Cashmere CatHaving successfully created a unique style of bass infused downtempo harmonies he has truly made a niche for himself. That being said, when a producer can craft such left-field beats it often leads to few remixes surfacing of their material. Now considering how much notoriety Cashmere Cat has gotten this past year I’m sure there are loads of edits and remixes floating around the internet but for some reason it was this edit from WTCHCRFT that really caught my attention. It could be the spectacularly timed 80’s fitness video that goes along with the remix that has me hooked but you guys can be the judge. WTCHCRFT takes an already well grounded tune and spins it into a little more of  a harder hitting tune thats sure.

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