Salt Ashes

The young Salt Ashes – the moniker of singer songwriter Veiga Sanchez – makes a strong impression with her newest single “Somebody”, released through Radikal Records. First and foremost, this is a pop record; But it’s damn good at what it does. Salt Ashes is clearly influenced by the vocal stylings of other forward thinking pop acts in recent memory, such as Madonna, Kate Bush and even a tad of Lady Gaga. Her delivery is soft and sensual, while still maintaing a sexy edge that reels you in. Instrumentally, there is a distinct 80s synth-pop flavor to this tune that fans of Daft Punk or Nu-Disco would easily latch onto. This is a flawlessly executed release – even those who may not normally listen to pop tunes will be hooked. Peep “Somebody” through Salt Ashes soundcloud below.


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