It’s still amazing to me that this duo, Milo & Otis, hasn’t received the attention they deserve.  Hopefully this new track will open some eyes and ears.  Milo & Otis isn’t just a clever name, but the music behind the duo will rattle you to the bones.  “#Festmunch” is their newest effort and it’s big…I mean real BIG.  Press play and you’re immediately introduced to some very heavy bass kicks and matching horns.  I’ll bet that these two will be opening their sets with this massive track for the next few months, and you’ll be hearing this tune played out by all the major players too.  These two don’t hesitate on making a statement with this tune, it’s a trap and bass fan’s cup of tea.  Screeching synths, horns on blast and the thickest bass you’ve heard in a while will carry you through the entire track while keep you turnt to 11 the entire time.  Don’t pass over these two, they’re hear to stay.


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