We’ve been following TheFaded. for a little while now, and if there is one thing we’ve learned, it’s that this producer likes to give back to their fans with large doses of original music.  The ten track EP stands as a document detailing the life and happenings of producer behind TheFaded.  Bringing together elements of trap, bass, electronic, beat-music and more the Lynn Era EP gives every listener something they can enjoy.  Tracks like “New Girl” and “While You Slept” remind me of Flying Lotus, while “Passive Texts” conjure’s elements of Shlohmo’s sound.  On top of that, there is a huge influence from hip-hop sounds as well.  You’ll find some syrup-soaked goodness packed into “5K (Sloppy Drunk)”.  The Lynn Era EP is best listened to as a whole, but each track is brilliant and can easily stand on its own making this EP worthy of more than just a couple listens.  Download the entire release below.

TheFaded. added a note along with their EP –

“Lynn Era EP. Started making songs to “document” certain things that were happening in my life from about the time I was 21 and concluded it this month with “I Can’t Change.” A lot of these songs were started over the past 3 years, but never got fleshed out. They were just VERY rough sketches capturing certain feelings and things that have happened. Over the past 2 months I took all those ideas and fleshed them out to tell the full story. Hope you enjoy.”


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