Austin, Texas! Listen here! While every one of you will enjoy this brand new short and to the point mix from Pittsburgh’s Le Moti much other information in this post will only pertain to those of you in the Austin, TX area. One of our partners in crime has just recently relocated to the Austin area and let me tell you, you better be ready for raucous  bass music to invade the streets on a regular basis! This mix comes to us as a special debut for a new venue called Vinyl ATX which is just opening it doors to the public! Each month Street Ritual and  Level 4 will hosting headlining shows on a regular basis while working to bring Texas to the forefront of bass music. This new playground of theirs will be christened this weekend by Stylust Beats and yours truly Le Moti. Now if you’re a preexisting fan of this production duo from Pittsburgh this mix might catch you a little off guard. Laced up in this mix we have twenty some odd minutes of deep undulating house vibes that will leave you yearning for the dance floor.Tune in to this brand spankin’ new mix and if you happen to be in the Texas make sure you become friendly with the folks down at Vinyl ATX because they will be bringing the heat all year long!

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