We’ve been keeping an eye on the young Elaksi here at the Dankles. This kid has a knack for flipping classic hip hop tunes into lush, ethereal slices of post-everything goodness. “Sometimes” is no exception, and in fact, sees Elaksi beginning to refine his developing sound. The tune features a prominent Beyonce vocal sample that cuts through a haze of reverbed pads dense atmospherics, the perfect soundtrack for a snowy winter day. The drum work is spot on as well, and finds Elaksi drawing rhythmic inspiration from more diverse sources than his contemporaries. Of course, the kid still wears his trap influences on his sleeve – but the usage of 808 hi-hats here is tasteful, rather than bombastic or in your face. Really looking forward to what else Elaksi has in store for us. Peep the tune below and grab a free download through his Facebook page.


Elaksi on Facebook SoundCloud

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