In his newest tune, “Worms,” Youth Lagoon reaches for the stars and beyond.  Literally.  Youth Lagoon, along with 13 other artists from the Lefse Records roster are utilizing space recordings and putting them into their tracks on a compilation release titled The Space Project.  A pretty cool concept, and though we are only able to hear this single track from the compilation, we can already tell this will be a release that is like no other.  The results of “Worm” are celestial in both sound and feel.  Pressing play and closing your eyes will allow your mind to wonder while Youth Lagoon leads you through uncharted space exploration.  According to Lefse Records these sounds were recordings from Uranus’ rings.  Woah.  Trevor Powers references the possibility of being a astronaut in the tune, “Worms” is a love song full of drones, eerie static and experimental sounds.  If Powers has proved anything to us with this new track, it’s that sampling the silence of space (or lack thereof) is out there…way out there.


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