Last Spring we had a special opportunity to wrangle in talented pair of producers to pick their brains a bit, and guess what? They’re back for more! Having had a 2013 full of everything from loads of new material to continuous opportunities to take the stage it’ll be hard to find either of these guys without a grin on their face. As the sound of Le Moti continues to circumnavigate the globe day after day we can only wait with baited breathe to see what they pull out next! If you wonder through the following brief interview we were able to arrange with the guys you might just be let in on a few up and coming secrets. We catch Le Moti right as they are about to hop on a plane, ditch the icy Pittsburgh winter, and say hello to Austin, TX! Le Moti has been selected by our friends at Street Ritual and Level 4PR to christen their new stomping grounds at 607 Trinity in Austin alongside Stylust Beats come this Saturday so if you’re in the area we highly suggest making the trip. As this is only the tip of the iceberg you can expect a constant flow of banging events at VinylATX all year long, and if we’re lucky we might even be able to bring you guys a few more artist spotlights sometime down the road.

TD: To get things started off on a more casual note, how has 2014 been treating you guys so far?
Le Moti: Happy New Years to you guys!  So far we can’t complain.  A few days ago we got all of our masters back for our next EP release titled “Olive Oil & Octopus”  which are sounding extraaaa crispy.  Other than that just grinding away in the studio everyday.  We have a couple collaborations coming up as well with some pretty awesome producers, so keep an ear out for those hitting the internet soon.

TD: Do you mind saying ‘Hi’ to everyone out there that either missed our last chat or has yet to have their eardrums smattered with your ethereal beats?
LM: Hey guys!  We go by Le Moti based out of Pittsburgh, PA and today is actually our 1st birthday.  Last January we got together to combine our individual projects which were pretty much solely hip hop based and decided to start working on some beats together.  After about a month or so of working with one another and building our studio, we decided to focus all of our work and concentration towards a new combined project. And thus Le Moti was born.

TD: Last time we chatted you were about to make your first trip west for Emissions West Coast Bass Culture last spring and now you’re headed south to Austin. What’s the driving force behind this trip for you guys?
LM: Yeah, Emissions was basically our first show together and a main event which triggered lots of cool things that followed afterwards. Major love to the Camp ? crew for throwing such amazing events such as Emissions and having us play their Burning Man stage last year!!. As far as our upcoming Austin show this weekend; our manager Kaitlyn from Street Ritual and Level4PR recently moved to Austin and has been working super hard with her crew down there to open up Vinyl at 607 Trinity.  We will be cristening their awesome new venue alongside Stylust Beats Saturday night. Very excited indeed. 


TD: Throughout the remainder of 2013 we saw a ton of new material from you guys, have you been stoked with how well some of your music is being received by the masses?
LM: Yes!!! We make music that we like and makes us feel good.  Having other people get down and vibe to it and show interest is just an added bonus.  We love each and every one of our supporters and would not be where we are without them.  So much love we’d explode if we felt any more.

TD: Now that you guys have seemed to settle in as Le Moti, have your solo production projects tended to take a back seat? Or do you work on keeping both sides of your production strong?
LM: Yeah, as far as solo stuff… All of our time and effort goes strictly into working on Le Moti.  In the past 365 days at least 300 or more were spent producing and working on new material so we don’t really look at our solo projects being put “on the back burner.” Rather, they’re kinda infused with our new project each and everyday.

TD: In our last discussion you had mentioned your EP ‘I’m From The Moon’ was the first time you guys seemed to define your sound, with that being far behind us now are you two now fully in gear to take this project into the stratosphere come 2014?
Oh forsure!  Our music is always progressing.  As far as defining our sound it was more like when a band gets together and picks out their guitars, amps, drums, effects etc and then ties it all together.  That’s kind of like what happened with us, just getting into a steady workflow and keeping elements in all of our songs that we’ve overtime gotten to define as our own. It’s super cool having someone say “Oh that sounds like you”  and all that. People are starting to grab onto that “LM” sound and that’s all we ever wanted.

TD: With winter soon to be fading away have you guys made any big plans for this coming summer season you’re at will to divulge to our oh-so patient viewers out there?
First off no more -14 degree weather here in Pittsburgh please!  This summer is already shaping up to be one for the books.  As of now we have shows in Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara not to mention Hoopla in the Hills with Eoto, Ott, Phuture Primitive and SXSW for some Street Ritual showcases. Also Lucidity Festival and a hugeee Festival at the end of the year that we can’t announce yet.  We generally love to travel so having this slowly become a job is amazing. Being a performer is one of the greatest feelings one can have and we can’t wait  to experience even more of it.

TD: Once again we appreciate you guys taking the time to chat, very excited to see where this year takes you! Do you have any last words for the fans out there?
Thank you to  The Dankles you guys rock!! To the fans, we appreciate each and every one of you and as long as you’ll listen, we’ll provide you with our music.  Your support means the world to us and we are very grateful to have met so many amazing people this year.  Thanks for taking the time to pick our brains.  See you all this Summer.

P.S.  Keep an eye out for our “Olive Oil & Octopus” EP dropping soon! <3


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