If you’re musical taste is anything like mine then when you see a ‘Where The Hood At’ remix stream by you it’s most definitely going to catch your attention. Having that been the case with this remix we have for you this evening we are proud to bring you a great interoperation of DMX‘s ‘Where The Hood At’ from Denver’s own Krooked Drivers. They laid their own coating of funky smooth style over this his hard hitting hip hop track by letting key elements and hooks from the original shine through. Krooked Drivers give the remix an added flare by sprinkling samples from Albert King amongst the DMX snippets to truly give this remix a big funky bass sound that is sure to get you up and on your feet. Oh and did we mention they let is loose for free? We highly recommend hoping on this and keeping an eye on Krooked Drivers because they are sure to be making some waves in 2014.

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