Future house trio Autograf continues to impress with their latest release, a stunning edit of “The Fire”, by French Horn Rebellion and Savoir Adore. Filled with gentle piano chords, beautiful vocals, and bright synths, Autograf’s take on “The Fire” is a truly gorgeous piece of music. In true Autograf form, the remix is noteworthy for its’ unusual elements, such as the break before the main section of the song. Focusing on choral voices with small, chirpy samples of the main vocal layered over it, this section helps to give the track a uniquely hopeful vibe. With a slew of fantastic remixes under Autograf’s belts, their newest tune is not one to be missed. Luckily, it is available for free download. Do yourself a favor and grab this lovely Autograf remix now!

Listen / Download: The Fire (Autograf Remix) – French Horn Rebellion & Savior Adore


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