I’ve determined that the remaining half of Crookers, Phra, is an Italian mad man.  The constant delivery of new tunes that leave your head spinning is only the work of a mad scientist (or…eh, producer).  The parental advisory label on the album artwork shouldn’t go unheeded either.  Each tracks seems to have some dirty sample, sound or just an overall explicit vibe that feels so wrong but so right.  “Heavy” is the newest offering from Crookers.  Following the same vein of fidgety seizure-inducing house music, Crookers nails it on the head with “Heavy”.  The most explicit part of the track comes from a sampled women moaning and groaning along with the music, it’s for sure a “must listen” if you will.   We’re luck enough to get a free download from Phra, so download that shit, press play and let the mind wander.  Enjoy!


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