rook milo

To be perfectly honest, Rook Milo hadn’t made his may on to my radar until his most recent release, “Outland”, and i’m kicking myself for not discovering him earlier. Coming off a refreshingly forward thinking take on Travis Scott’s “Upper Echelon”, Rook Milo continues his foray into lush, atmospheric hip hop. The low end is perfect; weighty and clean without being overbearing, while the percussive work rarely pushes the listener too hard like you would find in your run of the mill trap bangers. Instead, Rook focuses on fleshing out the more textural, subtle elements – tightly knit reverb and delay work seem like they were crafted delicately, with the goal of crafting a deep, somewhat melancholy and reflective atmosphere. However, the vocal cut though is what really shines on this one; what sounds like a sample of an old disco record crooning “baby, got to give me your lovin” peeps gently through a wall of airy synths. This is the perfect tune for kicking it back on a rainy day – which makes sense, considering Rook calls the grey overcast skies of Vancouver his home. Don’t sleep on this one, trust.


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