Today we have a very special treat for you guys. Not only do we have a special ticket giveaway tucked inside this post for you guys but we also have our very first interview with visual artists. Rather than choosing one of the many musical artists that will be joining us down at the 8th Annual Gem & Jam Festival next week we decided to shine the spotlight on two of the talented visual artists that will also be displaying their work throughout the weekend. We were able to catch Jeremiah and Gabriel Welch with just enough time to pick their brains and familiarize some of you with their work before we all get down there next week! In addition to this brief Q&A we have also teamed up with Euphonic Conceptions to give all of you a special chance to land yourself a free pass to the festival (details can be found below the interview) so be sure to get your name in the hat if you have yet to secure yourself a ticket. Now get yourself settled and take a moment to get familiar with the ethereal art of The Welch Brothers.



The Dankles: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us guys, how has the universe been treating you lately?
The Welch Brothers: The universe has been good to us lately.  Stoked on all the great things that are happening.

TD: With 2013 just barely behind us, what were a few big moments for you guys from this past year that truly stand out when you look back on it?
TWB: 2013 was huge! Our show in LA was awesome and the two weeks our dad stayed with us in SF were really special.


TD: In just a week you will be joining a candid cavalcade of artists (both visual and auditory) down in Tucson for the Gem & Jam Festival, any tips for any one that may be making the trip for their first time?
TWB: Try and get out of the city to experience an epic Arizona sunset!

TD: You guys tend to tag team a lot of your work nowadays, have you been at it together from the start or did it take time for your styles to grow in the direction they are headed today?
TWB: We did some stuff in the past but 2013 was the year we decided to see what would happen if we combined forces.

TD: You both have a very original style to your work, is there anything in particular that steered you guys in this direction your art is heading today?
TWB: I think being raised on comics and cartoons had a huge impact on the way we viewed the world and that’s reflected in our art.


TD: Your work provides a great transition from that of realism to the abstract, is this an element you are constantly working to infuse into your art?
TWB: Sometimes we go completely abstract and sometimes we blend the two.  It all depends on the piece and the way we’re feeling.

TD: As I’m sure some readers are already wondering, do you have a specific medium that you tend to stick to when it comes to crafting these beautiful works of art or is that something you like to switch up?
TWB: We’ve been pretty focused on acrylics lately but we just started working on a ceramic sculpture and have some other multimedia art pieces planned for this year.

TD: Though you guys continually make an impact with each piece of work you put forth are there any other aspirations you may have when it comes to future projects you would like to tackle?
TWB: We’re really looking forward to doing bigger walls and more installation size pieces.


TD: With your recent Welch Brothers’ exhibition  “Warm Feelings In Cold Places” in Tahoe closing soon are there any other big events on the horizon for you two leading into the summer?
TWB: We have a solo show coming up in March at Broadway Studios in Fresno, California and a show in April at Lower Branch Gallery in San Francisco.  We’ll probably be at a bunch of Festivals too but we are stoked to be doing more gallery shows this year.

TD: We really appreciate you taking the time to chat with us, any last words for the folks on the other side?
TWB: Dream big!


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