artworks-000069342502-atidwb-t500x500Zebra Safari has taken a different approach to his remixes from the typical producer; he makes his version sound absolutely nothing like the original. The original track, “You’re Not Good Enough” by Blood Orange, is one of my favorite songs from 2013, and Zebra Safari has rendered it unrecognizable. I hate it when producers take a really dope song and just change up the drum beat, or make minor changes to essentially take credit for someone else’s song.

Zebra Safari produces out of Stockholm and has a tendency to splice together vocal samples in a way that oozes happiness. “Your Not Good Enough” demonstrates Zebra Safari’s ability to reconstruct a song using only bits and pieces of the original. Few singular synth notes are elongated and drowned out as a backdrop behind layers of drums and chopped vocals in a clever rendition of the stellar Blood Orange track.


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