It’s hard to ignore a track when Pharrell Williams is laying down verses.  And it becomes even  harder to ignore when you have Diplo and the Major Lazer crew behind production.  Aboard Holy Ship this year I was able to witness the first-ever live performance of this track and in-turn witnessed the crowd go wild for this bouncy, off-the-wall tune.  Major Lazer has always had a knack for creating memorable tunes.  There has been “Bubble Butt,” “Get Free,” “Hold Tha Line,” “Pon De Floor,” and the list goes on.  Now they can add this one to the list.  The tune is upbeat, original and full of energy, and you can bet you’ll be hearing this tune everywhere once Major Lazer’s new EP, Apocalypse Soon, drops Feb 25th.  Pre-order the EP now via Itunes.


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