Just a few weeks ago, Kyle Woods, a local Chicago producer and DJ rebranded himself for a new direction with his debut EP, Mornings.  An ambitious and deep effort that really hits the spot for down-tempo electronic lovers.  His sounds contained plenty of emotion and mesmerizing melodies; truly a spot-on hit for Kyle Wood’s first release.  Now Kyle is back with ON AN ON‘s Ryne Estwing for a new track that is equally mesmerizing and more grand than his previous release.  The track, “Nothing Left To Give” is graceful, haunting and full to the brim with emotional context.  The track is available with vocals and as an instrumental, either way you’re going to hear the power of this tune.  I’ve had this track on repeat while writing this and I’m still noticing new parts of the track with each listen.  Kyle Woods may have just taken a new direction but with a start like this, he’s destined to bring some magnificent music to our ears.


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