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Despite being only one month into new year, it’s safe to assume 2014 will be a major year for Luis Dubuc and Mystery Skulls. A rising star in the Los Angeles electronic music scene, singer and producer Dubuc continues to prove that he is a man of many talents. Once known as The Secret Handshake, Dubuc decided to recreated himself with Mystery Skulls, his latest project. With his excitable electro funk sound and soulful performances, Mystery Skulls has shared the stage with acts such as Flume and Chromeo. Mystery Skulls was able to first draw in audiences’ attention back in 2011 with the release of his first untitled EP. The 5 song album was an instant success and now, several years down the road, Dubuc has earned himself a deal with Warner Bros. Records and an upcoming full length album, which will feature artists such as the legendary Nile Rodgers.

Today we see the release of Mystery Skulls’ first official music video for his debut single, “Ghost”, a heavily synthed and powerful song that is a welcomed indication of what Dubuc has in store. The video itself is a playful parody of the famous film “The Exorcist”, focusing on the penultimate scene between the priest and the demonically possessed girl. With the juxtaposition of its dark and sinister tone against Mystery Skulls’ playfully retro sound, the video creates a strong impression from the very start. However, the twist kicks in when we realize that perhaps the priest worships the gods of partying instead, and the exorcism – complete with levitation scenes – ultimately takes an unexpected turn. Stay through the video until the end, and be sure to stay tuned for what Mystery Skulls has up his sleeve.


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