Just last week M!NT dropped the veil on his latest tune ‘Spooked’. As some of you may have assumed for the  tunes ghostly title this track would be the perfect soundtrack if you ever find yourself wondering through a fog strewn graveyard beneath a glowing moon. The haunting intro M!NT has laced together brings in deep ghastly bass and slurred vocal samplings that truly set the mood for the remainder of the track. Grave rattling bass surges forth from the abyss as eerily whimsical synth lines take us deeper into the fog. Packed with just the right amount of ghoulish vibes  ‘Spooked’ is one of those tracks that is sure to get the blood flowing whether you’re listening through headphones or in a live setting through a legit sound system. Now some of you might think this is a bit of a switch up from M!NT’s other recent work but hey what can we say, the homie went hard on this one and you can tell! Scoop the free download if you feel so inclined and don’t forget to give M!NT some thanks for always coming through with quality music for you fans.

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