Two of my favorite ladies in my music, Jessie Andrews and Fei-Fei, took on Blood Orange‘s disco-inspired sendoff “You’re Not Good Enough” and amped up the bassline, creating a fabulous re-imagining of the song. Taking the 80s vibes from the original track, the girls kept the bright synths but added their own deep house flair, making their remix refreshingly unique. According to Jessie and Fei-Fei, they love the entirety of Blood Orange’s latest album, “Cupid Deluxe”, but decided to work on this track due to its’ powerful message. In their SoundCloud description, they write that the song “spoke to us on so many levels– we’re both so busy and dedicated to our music so who even has time for love?” By the sound of it, they’ve put in lots of effort and it’s paying off! This remix of “You’re Not Good Enough” is up for free download, and I know it will definitely be getting a lot of play on my iPod this February. Listen now and enjoy!

Listen / Download: You’re Not Good Enough (Jessie Andrews and Fei-Fei Edit) – Blood Orange

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