We know many of you love yourselves some funky soul infused electro bass music so we thought this brand new batch of tracks from B!unt Force would be right up your alley. ‘A Brighter Tomorrow’ is the debut EP from this talented producer and it’s chock full of so many goodies we are sure almost any of you will find something you can groove to on this five track release. It seems like Austin is just a melting pot for electro-soul music right now as we are seeing quite a few talented new artists emerging from there lately. Being that this is B!unt Force’s debut EP he has been fine tuning each track so it hits each and every one of you just right! From funky walking basslines leading us into bouncing bass it’s hard to not get lost in the music once you dive in. Sprinkled in are crispy guitar licks, carefully selected vocal samplings, and starry synth lines that bring each track together. Ranging from gut rupturing bass hits to laid back funk infused jams we can’t believe this is his debut release! From here on out the only way to go is up for B!unt Force so be sure to keep your eyes out for this talented new producer on the block.

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